Pendle Portraits News....

Pendle Portraits First Exhibition.

The first Pendle Portraits exhibition, featuring the artwork of David Priestley, was held from Sat the 17th of August until the 27th of August 2013 at 71 Curzon St, Burnley. (just nextdoor to the pet shop)

The exhibition was quite successful with a steady stream of visitors including 'Bank of Dave' star David Fishwick who came along to view his portrait. (pictured below with artist David Priestley)

He said "This is the first time I have ever been painted. I think the portrait itself is fantastic. You look at it and it is odd seeing yourself hanging on the wall on canvas - you never think you will be up on the wall. I'm really keen to put Burnley on the map with people like David Priestley giving it a go.
 We will hang it in the bank for a while and we get TV cameras in from around the world."

True to his word, David Fishwick's portrait was featured on his new one-off TV special 'Dave: Loan Ranger', for which he has David Priestley's eternal thanks. Mr Fishwick truly is a man of his word.


                                            More pictures from the first Pendle Portraits exhibition.

   More News.

The painting of the 'Inn on the Warf' that David was painting in the window during the exhibition (pictured below) is now finished and was unveiled at the 'Weavers Triangle Visitors Centre' on Manchester Road (right next-door to the 'Inn on the Warf' itself) on the afternoon of Friday 13th of September during the 'Burnley Canal Festival'.

 Even More News.

The winner of the free draw to win a personal portrait that was held during the exhibition was Lynne Blacklock who has now received her finished portrait (pictured below)