Commissions undertaken.

A Word from the Artist.

About the Artist.
Hello, my name is Dave Priestley and I am an artist from Burnley, in the North of England.
I  work exclusively in oils and my works range in size from 20" x 16" (inches) upwards. Although I specialise in
commissioned portraiture, I also paint pets, wildlife, still life and landscapes.

Details of Commissioning a Painting.
If you are interested in commissioning me  to paint a portrait of a loved one, pet, business associate (corporate portraiture) or even one of yourself or your favourite celebrity, or if you have a particular landscape scene or anything else in mind that you'd like me to paint for you, please feel free to contact me via e-mail or telephone (see 'contact page' for details) to discuss your personal needs and my prices without obligation.

Custom Portraits from Photos
 All I require from you are photographs of the person that you want painting, but please remember, the
higher the quality of the photograph you provide me with, the higher the quality I can achieve on the finished piece.

People often ask "Is it expensive to commission a portrait from you?"
The answer is that it often seems to be expensive but in reality it usualy isn't. For example, £600 (to pick a figure out
of thin air) may seem like a lot of money to pay for a painting, but when you consider that maybe a couple of month's worth of work has gone into that painting, it really doesn't seem that expensive anymore.
 Obviously prices will vary depending upon the size of the painting required and amount of detail and work involved,
but an obligation free consultation via phone or e-mail with me will usualy result in a 'fixed' quote once I have a better idea of your requirements.

Please note, if you commission a painting from me it's always best to allow at least a month for delivery of the
painting if possible, although a quicker turn-around can sometimes be achieved if something is required in a hurry.
Regardless of the actual painting time involved, oil paints are slow drying and can take a week or two to be dry enough
for your painting to be 'safely' transported.

Free Varnishing Service
I also offer a free varnishing service to all of my  customers, but please note, oil paintings need to be COMPLETELY dry
(which usualy takes at least 3 months) before they can be varnished.

Thankyou for taking the time to visit my web site.
Best regards,

                                                                        Who, Me? by David Priestley.
                                                                           (Painted from photograph.)